problems with internet provider

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problems with internet provider

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I have a contract with - a satellite internet provider. the contract is for 2mbps, voip (which is a router for telephon calls and wifi). the first two month our speed was ok - around 1.7mbps. with the phone we always had problems. we could hardly make phonecalls. incoming calls were ok. the last 3 month our internet speed was in the average around 0,6 mbps. i wrote a few times to quantis, first cancelling the phoneline, as nothing improved and also complaining about the slowness of our internet service. i never got any response. as it is with these things i spent hours on the phone - never got someone in the reclamacions department and the technician with who i spoke said, i should connect with cable and forget about wifi... and they also mentioned not enough there anyone who has problems as well with quantis or with any other internet providers and is there a customer/citizens advice bureau with legal aid available in spain. i live close to ronda.... any suggestions really appreciated?

Please help.

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