3L Transfer / Visiting Student Economic Benefits

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3L Transfer / Visiting Student Economic Benefits

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Currently I am a rising 2L and I had a question about a 3L transfer / visiting student. The tuition bill for my next year of law school recently came out. The tuition for the next year will be 46K (I attend a tier 2 school and have a very small scholarship). Last year was about the same so I'm already in 92K worth of law school debt. I was wonder if it would be a smart decision to transfer to my state law school (3rd tier) after my 2L in order to save money considering my state school only cost 14K for the entire year and it's about the same distance from my current school. From my understanding I would still be able to get a degree from my current and arguably better school, and I would save a considerable amount of money in the process. Are there any drawbacks to this idea I should be aware of?

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Re: 3L Transfer / Visiting Student Economic Benefits

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