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There are Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online

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Even if you haven't visited Fiji Nelson Agholor Eagles Jersey , you probably have an idea of what this small island nation looks like - miles of sandy beaches, palm trees, lush mountains and pristine coral reefs. Fiji has become a major travel destination and has become especially popular with honeymooners, divers and water sports enthusiasts. Part of the appeal of a visit to Fiji lies in the fascinating mix of cultures, the welcoming nature of its people and the country's ancient and unusual traditions. The following are some interesting Fiji facts:
Fiji isn't just one island - the country is comprised of about 300 islands that are large enough to be inhabited. If you count every coral outcrop Mack Hollins Eagles Jersey , the country actually consists of thousands of islands. Fiji covers a surprisingly large area of water - in total, measuring approximately 40,000 square miles. The country's highest mountain is Mt. Tomanivi at around 4300 feet high.

Fijians are known for their hospitality and friendliness - although this hasn't always been the case. A little over a century ago, the Fijian people were thought to be ferocious cannibals. Souvenir and craft shops on the islands offer four-pronged wooden forks for sale, reminding tourists of those days. One unfortunate victim of the cannibals was the missionary Thomas Baker Donnel Pumphrey Eagles Jersey , who was eaten with the exception of one of his shoes. Today, the uneaten shoe is on display in the Fiji Museum.

Fiji is one of the first places in the world to greet each new day, as it is situated on the 180 degree meridian - also known as the International Date Line. For practical reasons, the line makes a detour around Fiji so that everyone observes the same time. However, on the island of Taveuni Rasul Douglas Eagles Jersey , a marker indicates a spot where you can stand with one foot in one day and one foot in the day before!

Fijians have an interesting way of celebrating the New Year - in January, some of the women of the villages take part in a traditional game of veicaqe moli, loosely translated as 锟絢ick the orange锟? The winning team must present a gift of clothes to the losing team, while the losing team prepares and serves the traditional Fijian drink of yaqona.

Fire walking is still popular in Fiji - although today it is practiced mainly to entertain the tourists, rather than for ceremonial or ritual reasons. Fijian legend has it that a god once gave a Beqa warrior the ability to walk unharmed on fire Sidney Jones Eagles Jersey , in return for a favor. A legend, perhaps, but there's no doubt that the stones used in this ritual are as hot today as they were then.

Fiji has become known as the melting pot of the South Pacific and, as a result, has some interesting food and drink for a visitor to sample. Some delicacies you may want to try are various roots Derek Barnett Eagles Jersey , boiled bat, and raw fish marinated in coconut cream. Don't miss the chance to attend a lovo - a traditional Fijian banquet in which the food is wrapped in banana leaves and then heated on stones buried under the ground.

The country was originally one of the most remote British colonies, and there are still some reminders of British colonial rule. Rugby and soccer - those most English of sports - are the two major competitive sports. Cricket and golf are also popular. Fiji hosted the Pacific Games in 2003, resulting in an increased interest in sports throughout the islands.

Since Fijians pride themselves on their hospitality, their culture demands that visitors are treated as honored guests. If you are invited to someone's house during your stay Dallas Goedert Eagles Jersey , there are some rules you must observe. It is polite to bring a small gift. If your hosts are feeding you, they may well wait for you to eat before eating any food themselves. Remember this too: If you are visiting a Fijian village, only the village chief is allowed to wear sunglasses and a hat!

The flag of Fiji is still the British flag, with the Union Jack on it. The light blue background on the flag represents the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean, and the white dove on the coat of arms that comprises the rest of the flag symbolizes peace and friendship with the UK. The coat of arms also contains some items commonly associated with Fiji; bananas Carson Wentz Eagles Jersey , sugarcane and a palm tree.

An image of the Queen of England can be seen on the country's coins and colorful banknotes. Some Fijians called for the Queen's image to be removed after Fiji claimed independence in 1970, but tradition prevailed. The Queen actually has the proud title of Paramount Chief of the Great Council of Chiefs of Fiji.
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