Civil vs. Criminal. Why isn't this double jeopardy?

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Civil vs. Criminal. Why isn't this double jeopardy?

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I'm not a lawyer and have spent no time in the legal system, but recent cases (OJ and Kobe Bryant come to mind) where they were tried for the same crime in two different courts. Why isn't this technically double jeopardy?Yes, I understand that criminal usually is for jail time or death and civil is pretty much for money, but I don't really understand why, if a criminal court found you not guilty a civil court can make you pay money. Doesn't that basically say that the criminal court was wrong?I know that not guilty isn't the same as being found innocent, it really just means that they couldn't prove you did it, but it still seems strange to me that one court can say you're not guilty and another can.

Help me understand this.Is it basically a we think you did it so you have to pay in civil even though the evidence, if there is any, can be completely circumstancial? I think of the OJ trial and while many feel he did it, he was found not guilty. What evidence surfaced in the civil trial that made the verdict switch to guilty. If one court found him guilty, one would think that both would. With the exception of say, patent disputes or something like that where civil is the way to go, how is it right to basically try someone for the same crime twice, except this time it's for $$$.Am I oversimplifying this? Am I making it too complicated? I guess I'm wondering why it isn't just one or the other and not, well.. we lost the criminal case so let's go after them in civil and get paid.

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Re: Civil vs. Criminal. Why isn't this double jeopardy?

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