Oscar-winner Julia Roberts makes her Cannes

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Oscar-winner Julia Roberts makes her Cannes

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Hollywood’s only Chinese-American superhero has stirred up heated debate on social media after she spoke out against discrimination in American show business.

Chloe Bennet Nike Air Footscape UK , a Chinese-American actress who stars in Marvel’s trending TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., explained on social media why she changed her last name from Wong to Bennet, arguing that Hollywood is “racist” and wouldn’t cast her with a last name that made them “uncomfortable.”

“Changing my last name doesn’t change the fact that my BLOOD is half Chinese, that I lived in China, speak Mandarin, or that I was culturally raised both American and Chinese,” replied Bennet.

Bennet’s remarks come after Ed Skrein stepped down from his role as Major Ben Daimion in the upcoming Hellboy movie for fear that his participation would be “whitewashing” a character of Asian descent.

Racial barriers have been a crucial problem in Hollywood. According to research conducted by the University of Southern California in 2015, nearly three-quarters of all characters in the top 100 films of 2014 were white Nike Air More Money UK , while only 5.3 percent of Asian artists can share the same privilege. In another report released in 2017, only 3.4 percent of over 1,000 surveyed films had an Asian director.

“Asian artists can hardly stand out in Hollywood. Most roles starred by Asians are fixed and stereotyped, as if all Asians are good at math and martial arts. There is an invisible discrimination lurking in show business, as the difference of your skin color may bring disparity in your income and opportunities,” said Alex She, a New York-based Chinese-American photographer and movie maker.

Bennet’s experience has led to heated debate on both Chinese and foreign social media. As of press time, over 17 million netizens have viewed the hashtag WangKeYing (Chloe’s Chinese name) on Sina Weibo Nike Zoom VaporFly UK , leaving over 14,000 comments supporting the actress.

“It’s understandable that Wong is forced to abide by the rules made by white society. However, I’m tired of Hollywood movies depicting Chinese as either martial masters or nerds. We need more good Asian artists to reshape Chinese people’s images among foreign audiences, changing their biased view of us,” wrote a netizen.

In response to the public concern, Bennet told fans that she will do everything she can to make sure “no one has to change their name again, just so they can get work.”

Jack Ma Yun, lead founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Nike Hyperadapt 2.0 UK , at the World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, Nov 20, 2014. [PhotoIC]

BEIJING Nov. 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Jack Ma Yun, lead founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, said at World's Internet Conference that he credits the success of the company as holding onto the vision for the future.

Positioned as an e-commerce enabler other than an e-commerce company itself, Alibaba has envisioned China's small business to be play an important role in the future economy since its founding 15 years ago and has been choosing to partner with them Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 UK , said Jack Ma.

The World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, an ancient town in Zhejiang province, has attracted China's Internet tycoons and officials together with foreign cyberspace titans, including participants from Apple, Facebook, Cisco, and China's top three Internet companies, namely search engine Baidu Nike Hyperadapt White UK , e-commerce Alibaba, and instant messagingprovider Tencent.

The conference, held between Nov 19 and 21, carries the theme "a interconnected world shared and governed by all." It's the first time that China's is holding such a conference.

Talking about fake goods, Jack Ma said only Internet can solve the problem of counterfeit production.

"After some research among fake goods producers in Guangdong and Fujian provinces, you may find that they are now afraid to sell their products on Taobao, as we can track them down easily and report to the police," he said.

When asked about competition between Alibaba and Amazon Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 White UK , Ma said that there's difference in management philosophy between the east and the west.

"In the east, Taoism stresses on connection between human and nature, Confucianism focuses on the connection between human and society and Buddhism seeks connection between human and their inner heart," said Jack Ma.

Jack Ma also shared his idea of cross-border e-commerce business. When talking about Alibaba's successful model, Ma said, "the 'three WIN' mode is most important, that is to say, customers Nike Hyperadapt Black UK , partners and us. When customers win, partners win, we win, that's a real win."

In this year's Singles' Day, Alibaba kept its promise. This year is the first time Alibaba chose to launch its Singles' Day campaign on both its domestic and overseas platforms.

Here are seven important figures to mark Alibaba Singles' Day shopping spree this year.


By expanding globally with the participation of AliExpress and Tmall Global, customers from 217 countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland joined the shopping spree, with China's Hong Kong region, the United States and Russia claiming the top three overseas buyer areas.

57.1 billion yuan

Online sales on Alibaba's Tmall Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 Black UK , Taobao and its overseas outlets, such as AliExpress, topped 57.1 billion yuan ($9.34 billion) on Tuesday, beating Tmall and Taobao's combined 2013 Singles' Day sales of 36.2 billion yuan.


With the rapid development of China's mobile Internet, 42.6 percent of sales were made through mobile devices, with a minor gap to PCs.

278.5 million

There were 278.5 million logistics orders generated during the 2014 event.

More than 27,000

This year, more than 27 www.nikehyperadaptuk.com ,000 brands and merchants participated in the event, including Costco, Muji, Desigual, ASOS, and The North Face.

Two minutes

Within two minutes after the start of the online shopping spree, the gross merchandise volum. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Shop Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap Shirts Cheap Shirts Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap Soccer Replica Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China

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