Any point studying towards GDL with poor A-Level grades?

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Any point studying towards GDL with poor A-Level grades?

Postautor: JoeClark » 27 gru 2017, o 11:28

Looking for advice from people on the GDL who don't have good A-Level results! I'm in my final year of uni and I've been thinking about doing the GDL. I keep deliberating whether it would be worthwhile as my A-Levels were pretty poor (CCC), although I managed to get into Royal Holloway where my offer was ABB. I've never thought they would come back to haunt me as I thought getting a 2:1 at uni should be enough to get me a good job, but now I'm really doubting myself!
I also think my work experience (for example, already worked as a legal assistant on my year abroad, as well as 2 other internships abroad) and my other graded achievements in performing arts could set me apart from the rest. But with such poor A-Levels, would I even get a look in at a large firm such as Slaughter and May??
Any advice from someone whose been in a similar position would be much appreciated!!

Please help.
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