How to Stop a Co-Worker from Harassing You at Work

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How to Stop a Co-Worker from Harassing You at Work

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So my girlfriend works at a company she has been having trouble with another employee harassing her while at work. He says thinks like I'm gonna make you mine, gets right up next to her, stalks her around her department. She has gone to her supervisors and they have tried to deal with the issue but he doesn't stop. According to my girlfriend other female employees have had problem with him and he has a total of 28 statements written against him. She said a female employee recorded a conversation between her(the employee) and the person in question. but when the employee took it to her boss he told her that it was against the law and that she had to delete the recording. the company wont fire this individual because he has threaten to fine a racial discrimination case against the company if he is fired. So what are some available options that my girlfriend can do to deal with this situation without quitting her job. Many thanks in advanced.

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