New Tax Plan - How to make the most of it?

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New Tax Plan - How to make the most of it?

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I make $142k (single filing, FL), and contribute almost $50k to max all possible accounts (403b, 457, HSA).
My 2017 taxable income is $87k. With my heavy contribution, I bring myself from the 4th (28%) to 3rd (25%) bracket. My 2018 taxable income is $86k. I'm back to the 4th (24%) bracket. In 2017, I save 3% tax from contributing 35% of my income to retirement accounts. In 2018, I save 0% from contributing anything to retirement accounts. If I somehow can bring my taxable income from $87k to $82.5k, I'll be in the 3rd (22%) bracket. But I've really done what I could. How should I do differently?

Please help.

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