What would you do?

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What would you do?

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We are first time homebuyers. We have a buyers agent but not an attorney and I'm figuring I will need one shortly.
We presented an offer on a property in early September 2017.
It was a divorce situation and both parties were still on the property. Wife signed to sell. Husband was compelled by his lawyer to sign as wife was taking him to court to force the sale. He signed 3 days before court date. We have inspection scheduled and all documents are in underwriting by late october. Our closing is set for November 22. During all this the only person I had regular contact with was my underwriter. I initiated contact with my buyers agent several times over several weeks. All I received was a we are set to close on Nov. 22. Well we did not close. Inspection on November 6 found 7 issues to be repaired. Small things probably not totaling over 700.00 to fix. Husband started repairs himself. On Nov 15 husband was killed in traffic accident. So wife completes all repairs by Dec. 4. Re inspection is okay. Our rate lock expires on Dec.8. They blew the rate lock and cost us 2200.00 In wv you have 30 days after date of death to file the will with the county clerk. As of today I don't believe the will has been filed. His children from his previous marriage have to pick an executor. Property deeded as joint tenant with wife. Closing attorney says will has to be opened to probate to see how to distribute proceeds from sale. Our contract expires on Dec 29th. Our new rate lock expires on Jan 8. We have informed all parties that if we do not close by Dec 29 we will walk away. Assumption was by the property being held as joint tenant with right of survivorship she should be able to sell the property. Evidently I misunderstood the right of survivorship part.
There was no Quit Claim filed by husband or wife.
Do I need a lawyer to walk away. I see this being a long drawn out battle between children and 2nd wife. A battle I want no part of.
My agent has been Mia as usual. No email returned in the last 4 days. And I'm going straight to voicemail when I call.

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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